Helder Russo

His talent as music selector and disc jockey has guaranteed him regular slots in exclusive clubs like Lux, Musicbox or Brownie. A fully fledged portuguese artist, made in the present, directed towards the future!

Afro House · Ambient · Deep House · House · Techno


Considered a young veteran Ka§par started his work as a disc jockey at age fifteen.

Afro House · Deep House · Disco · Funk · House · Techno · U.S. Garage


Daino is soul, jazz, funk, disco, breaks, house and techno… he is music. With groove.

House · Techno


Gatupreto: enigmatic duo, hiding their identity while exploring the common ground between an idealized African feeling and the classic references of the dance movement from the 80's and 90's.

Afro House · Ambient · Deep House · Techno

Philou Louzolo

Philou is inspired by early Chicago and Detroit house, early funk, disco and soul, traditional African music, Afrobeat and Afrohouse.

Afro House · Deep House · House

Sheri Vari

Born onto the early 90’s, on the Portuguese landscape of the Serra da Estrela mountains, Mariana Cruz has gone under the moniker Sheri Vari, seeking inspiration in the Cosmos and dwelling in her magnetic attraction towards outer space.

Deep House · House · Techno


TINK! Music welcomes Guxi its first Japanese solo artist and Osaka's master of hypnodisco. By pairing classic Roland machines with Linn beat boxes and many other pieces of historical audio equipment, Guxi delivers an exploration of mantric grooves, repeating elegantly through mid tempo patterns, perfect from 3 a.m. to eternity.

Ambient · Cosmic Acid · Hypno Disco

Black Tulip

Profound songs with deep bass heavy grooves, soul embracing vocals and powerful emotional Hammond organ are the Black Tulip trademarks.

Afro House · House · U.S. Garage

Thyone Girls

Thyone Girls are the true descendants of Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy.

Deep House · House

Alex Salvador

His impeccable mixing skills, deep digging habits and unpredictable, creative swing made him a much sought presence in dj booths all over Europe.

Deep House · House · U.S. Garage