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(present and past history)

TINK! MUSIC lies at the heart of what intersects a few modern vectors: music production, record making, events producing, web development, visual arts endeavouring, human networking and emotional bonding. A company aimed at the overall epitome encapsulated in the expression “joie de vivre”! It’s history is long and could one day become the stuff of movies, as it spans the course of more than 25 years and two generations, it is still standing proudly! 

Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! was founded in 1989 by a then young Portuguese living in Amsterdam, his name Joseph Salvador, it was one of Holland’s first house music labels and certainly the first to focus more intensely on the soulful side of the genre, while also maintaining an interested in it’s rave appeal as well. It released more than two dozen records up until 1995 – some of them very important hits in their day.

TINK! (as it quickly became known from the project’s initials) diversified it’s interests and developed three brands, aimed at more specific branches of electronic music (Pure, Diskotech Recordings and TINK! Records) as well as other different areas of production such as events and multimedia (from the mid 90’s onward), becoming a successful enterprise over the course of the next two decades. In 2009, things where such that Joseph’s sons joined in on the fun, now Alex Salvador became one of the company’s curators and it’s main modern activist, directing the label’s musical output to an exciting new blend of artists creating some of the most appealing club music around under the project’s original full name Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!.

Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!’s parties are legendary in their home town of Amsterdam, famous for their young exciting crowd, pumping body music with a soulful edge, and well known for their impeccable artistic curation, Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!’s dj’s are mostly comprised of the brands most prolific music producers and have an impressive following considering the project’s underground orientation.

Steadfast in it’s pursuit of an artistic ideal that is to be left intangible and undefined to a healthy extent, TINK!‘s many facets are all contemplating the future with an open mind and an inclusive, unprejudiced heart. Anything can happen under this project’s wing, and the focus on soulful house music is hardly incompatible with different musical adventures as the brand remains open to great music of all kinds, fitting anything that makes sense of it in it’s many sub brands when possible, and also branching out to other countries for it’s events production as well.

Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!‘s history is also linked to the creation of the famous Portland Sound Studios – funded at the same time for the development of TINK!‘s artists – which now has a branch in Lisbon and are used as a facility to further educate the label’s talent as well as provide a professional, top of the line environment in which to create more and better music – TINK! MUSIC.

The Story Of The Founding Kids – Traversing Amsterdam’s Early House Music Landscape

When it comes to TINK! Records from Amsterdam, these words, taken straight from the opening scene of the mini doc that inspired this interview, ring true to this day.
The Story Of The Founding Kids, the seven minute mini doc released in May, chronicles the history of TINK!, (short for Tomorrow Is Now Kid!) — one of the first and most influential groups that helped shape Amsterdam’s early house music landscape.

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