TINK! Music welcomes Guxi its first Japanese solo artist and Osaka’s master of hypnodisco. By pairing classic Roland machines with Linn beat boxes and many other pieces of historical audio equipment, Guxi delivers an exploration of mantric grooves, repeating elegantly through mid tempo patterns, perfect from 3 a.m. to eternity.

The title track “Sex Synth” has three different versions: the Original Mix, eleven minute long excursion of pleasure, the trance-inducing psychedelic “Kimotii Dub” and the self evident “Deep Acid Dub” where the 303 takes the lead of the groove for a darker setting.

“Egypt in Japan” has Guxi tweaking further into outer space, evoking memories of deserts and bonsai trees with an epic 10 minute ride through the farthest reaches of perception and womblike warmth.

Perfect for anyone who, like us, is a fan of early Warp material, of Aphex Twin, The Orb, Coldcut and also classic balearic disco synth vibes, Guxi’s “Sex Synth” is impossible to miss on TINK! Music – a label that prides on content over any specific style or trend!