About Philou

Philou was born and raised in one of the southern provinces of The Netherlands (Zeeland, to be more precise). Philou is proud of his Congolese, Nigerian and Sierra Leonian roots; every genre of music he supports finds its way back to Africa one way or the other. Besides from the fact he wants people to enjoy the music, he wishes to make the public aware of the origins and respect the origins of the music genres he loves so much.

During his early years he was already occupied with listening to and producing a lot of music. He started by producing hip-hop beats when he was around thirteen years old. During this period of time, pioneers in funk and soul music were already inspiring him.

Philou moved to Rotterdam during his years following high school, after which he started discovering house music. From that moment on, he started experimenting with different kinds of house music. In early 2013, Philou really found some genres that are close to his heart, which he tries to combine in his sets and productions. He is inspired by early Chicago and Detroit house, early funk, disco and soul, traditional African music, Afrobeat and Afrohouse.

Philou’s preference goes to DJ’s that dare to put some variation into their sets; DJ’s that don’t hold on to one genre at all times, since he thinks that’s not what music should be about. He wants to be able to play all sorts of music, genres that lie within the boundaries of the earlier mentioned kinds of music.

His first released track can be found on a sampler, released by French label Lazare Hoche, which has a Chicago house feel to it with an groovy twist, due to the percussions and beats. This track contains aspects of all music styles mentioned above. His second release ‘Rose Dawson’ was picked up by Alex Salvador from Amsterdam based label ‘Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!’, ‘Major League House’ (Paris) and ‘BONS Records’ (Barcelona). Philou’s latest release is on TINK!.

Philou played alongside DJ’s like Marshall Jefferson, Seven Davis JR, Tom Trago, San Proper, Detroit Swindle, Mr. Mendel and Marcel Vogel in venues like Amsterdam Open Air Festival, Social Club (Paris), Be Cool (Barcelona), Hotel Pulitzer (Barcelona), Maassilo (Rotterdam), Chicago Social Club (Amsterdam), Toffler (Rotterdam), Perron (Rotterdam) and more.