Hailing from somewhere – some say a moon in Jupiter, others a planet near a star in the Pleiades, the Thyone Girls are spiritual descendants of Thyone, mortal mother of the deity Dionysus. They exist in the tangent realm that separates material from ethereal as cosmic vestal virgins, initiated into the art of selfless loving. They are performers of the mysterious rituals of Dionysus and experts in esoteric eroticism as well as consciousness alteration. Thyone Girls utilize analogue synths and drum machines to facilitate access to divine inspiration in the few, occasional moments in which they descent from their light bodies into physical shapes to operate the studio machinery that allows the composition and recording of the sphere music that lies under the pleasureful beat of the drum kick.

Keep on pumpin‘” can be best described as House-NRG, it’s full of emotion, drive and excitement, it makes the flames on even the most frenzied of dance floors rise higher, as quoted on the USA CD release on Tribal America in 1994.

Thyone Girls are young followers of Dyonisus the ancient Greek God of Joy and Ecstasy.


New release:
– Pumpin’/Don’t Go Away (TINK! 2014)

Past releases:
– Keep On Pumpin’ (12″ EP Diskotech Recordings/TINK! Records)
– Keep On Pumpin’ (12″ EP Tribal America)
– Keep On Pumpin’ (12″ EP Well Equipped UK)
– Keep On Pumpin’ (CD album “Beat Your Meat” Tribal America)
– Keep On Pumpin’ (Deep Hard Tribal House)
– Keep On Pumpin’ (Club IT CD 2 by DJ Marcello)
and many more …
– More pumpin’ (12″ EP Diskotech Recordings/TINK! Records)
– Take my Energy (12″ EP Diskotech Recordings/TINK! Records)