Daino – Galactic

Daino - Galactic

Daino – Galactic EP

Lisbon based keyboardist and jazzman Joao Costa is best known in the electronic music circle as Daino. Under this name, Costa now advances onto his third solo EP, after an acclaimed debut on Berlin label Blossom Kollektiv a few years ago and a follow up “Without Your Love” on TINK! Music.

The artist’s third instalment is named “Galactic” and the music included has been tried and tested over the course of 2015 on many live performances and dj sets. The three tracks complete a set of works that revolve around futurism, soulful electronics and spacial suggestions.

“Eternity” proposes a beautiful deep mood, made of smart beats, echoed chords and padded harmonies. Smart up-to-date soul techno, as moody and sweet as anything out of Ferox or Peacefrog in the nineties… truly great stuff.

“Afterlife” is trademark Daino sound, a slower deep electronic house vibe with smart production. Thick bass line, clicky funk and rattling rhythms over broken and swingy beats, pierced by jazzy dub chords and driving string arrangements, evocative of the finest compositions of the genre. Futuristic and ever evolving, a clear manifesto of ambitious scope.

Finally, “Flux” goes for the jugular… an impressive Detroitesque exercise, in which the lessons of the legendary Underground Resistance posse have proved very well studied. There’s pure analog funk on the bass, punched by snappy beats and extreme emotion on the piano’s staccato chords, evolving onto an ecstasy laden breakdown that reveals gospel like vocals and a Jean Michel Jarre style lead melody… it hints at the words “future classic”. Don’t miss out on Daino’s incredible stuff on TINK! Music, third time is a charm!