Daino – Without Your Love

Daino - Without Your Love

Release notes

João Costa as Daino had a smashing debut last year on Austro-German-Portuguese label Blossom Kollektiv with “Soft Around The Edges”, and he now returns with three more tracks for the follow up on TINK! Music : “Without Your Love”.

A talented pianist, a composer of computer game soundtracks and an academic of sound and music production, Daino’s love for Detroit techno and warm physical jackin’ house music, sprinkled with elements of soul and hip hop, is evident throughout his output. His blend is melodic, atmospheric, syncopated and very creative, and the title track “Without Your Love” is a stunning example of Daino’s capacity as a score writer. It’s a hard hitting techno funk slam dunk, with sharp clattering snares, clicky noises, arped soulful basslines, nasty distorted clavia keys and the soul sample to top it off with a pop feel in the end, making the track appealing to all.

“House of Six” is a thoroughly composed deep gem, if ever there was one! Washing pads, stuttery beats, smart vocal sample cuts, simple sine bass and a string section straight out of the Los Hermanos / UR cook book, and “Zebra Stripes” bats more than an eyelash to the classic punk funk new york noise groove, but adding unexpected emotional depth and abstract composition to it, creating a deep disco cut of heavy note, like what would happen if Morgan Geist got together with the Bush Tetras!

The whole EP was mixed by Daino and Ka§par at Portland Sound studio so all in all this is a stunning follow up to a great debut of a very talented musician of whom is expected to be a leading figure in the portuguese electronic music scene, don’t miss out of something this great!

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