Gatupreto – Modo Di Trabadja

Gatupreto - Modo Di Trabadja


Gatupreto, enigmatic duo, hiding their identity while exploring the common ground between an idealized African feeling and the classic references of the dance movement from the 80’s and 90’s. The art Gatupreto generates is simple, unpretentious and sincere, it owes to the classic rave vibe as much as to the rawness of hip hop… as much to the sunset of Cape Verde as to the sunrise of the Lisbon riverside.

Gatupreto is a binomial entity that refers to itself as one, it was rescued from anonymity by TINK! Music, newly founded label split between Amsterdam and Lisbon. To the extend of most people’s knowledge, Gatupreto comes from a colorful Lisbon suburb where they inhabit a luxurious house, on an isolated hill where music is made every day.

Those who have seen them perform live say they are frenetic and deep in their sound. At night all cats are black.

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