Ka§par feat. Thunder & Co – Do It

Ka§par feat. Thunder & Co - Do It

Release notes

It has been a long 20 year break since TINK! Records made its last release, but the drive and passion behind the original project remains intact. We moved from Amsterdam to Lisbon, and placed our good old analog studio Portland Sound at the disposal of our newly signed artists, we updated our looks and changed our name slightly to TINK! Music to make this transition evident. The first results in this rebirth are now up for the world to hear and see and our first release makes a strong case!

One of our closest collaborators is Ka§par, resident producer at Portland, and his latest outing is (surprisingly or not…) a song, recorded with old time friends and Portuguese band of the moment, Thunder & Co. The boys go way back and have had a long standing friendship, though “Do It” is their first complete work together.

Overlooked in recent years (mostly because of the overwhelming studio commitments that come with writing, recording and mixing the singing of human words), a song is a rare treat these days… and just as Ka§par can write emotional beat driven club tracks, Thunder & Co. know how to write and deliver a great song too (they are currently also enjoying the success of their newly released EP, that has been topping iTunes’s Indie Dance charts).

Recorded mostly at the famed Portland Sound Studios, it’s an honest, unpretentious, feel good track about a lover’s quarrel that will get everyone grooving, both in the car or in the club (with Ka§par’s own extended vocal and NY style Portland Club Dub as well as Thunder & Co’s analog boogie cut of the original, providing DJ’s with the right dance floor options).

After a long streak of successful releases on leading underground labels such as Clone and 4Lux in Rotterdam, Stripped & Chewed in Chicago or Rawax in Frankfurt and of course Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! – our sister label Ka§par shows his uncanny musical skills, proving that he is as capable of creating an abstract instrumental floor filler as he is of creating a modern feel good song and Thunder & Co have made it irresistible. Enjoy!