Philou Louzolo – presents Zolo grooves

Philou Louzolo - presents Zolo grooves

Release notes

Philou Louzolo is what any A&R on any label would call a “natural born artist”, a “raw talent”, or a “must have”. The same person would call “a grab or miss opportunity” to his stunning four tracker “Zolo Grooves”.

Just as the names suggest “Zolo Grooves” are four afro funk master pieces that will configure immediate classic status upon first listen, it’s a record produced to sound effortlessly musical under a thumping groove, sure to do wonders on dancefloors world wide.

“Zolo Grooves” is to be played uninterruptedly: from the amazing “Konkombe” (with it’s wahwah guitar licks, slick and sharp snare patterns, and incredible sax solos) to “Marlena” (an irresistible tribute to the classic jazz singer’s widely sampled moment of genius – most likely to be counted as one of the best tracks to use this sample ever), from “Dem No Dance, Dem No See” (the track most deeply rooted in the afro sound, complete with ukeleles and full brass) to “Decolognize” (the most overtly “house” track, sure to do a lot of damage from Pretoria to Luanda), not a thing about this release is a filler.

It’s visceral, raw, sincere, honest and hard hitting afro house, celebratory musical bliss blessed in the light of what Tony Allen & Fela Kuti, Crissy Essien Igbokwe, Obi Onyioha and many other great creators have made before, boldly sending these prophets’s messages into the lives of a younger generation. Do not sleep on it!

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