Sheri Vari – Materia Prima

Sheri Vari - Materia Prima

Sheri Vari – Materia Prima

It is not often a label has the chance to materialise the work of a young female artist, perhaps that’s why the debut release of Portuguese DJ/producer Mariana Cruz is so closely followed by so many.

Born onto the early 90’s, on the Portuguese landscape of the Serra da Estrela mountains, Mariana Cruz has gone under the moniker Sheri Vari, seeking inspiration in the Cosmos and dwelling in her magnetic attraction towards outer space. On the one hand, the rave tradition: house, techno, dub, jungle and hip hop, on the other hand the ancestral addiction: disco, jazz, funk and soul. This healthy dualism is quite evident in her “Materia Prima”, a work in which the author has prioritised the usage of her native language – where she not also a renown poet (check her book “InVerso”, via Chiado Editora).

The opening theme “Chapa Dezassete” is a clear homage to the 80’s new wave sound, wrapped in harsh analogue electro b-boy beats of the Detroit variety – two close realities to those who understand what’s what. A track that owes as much to Underground Resistance or 430 West as it does to bands like Human League, Colourbox or Cabaret Voltaire.

Next we have the original version of “Falsa Fama” (Original Ballroom Mix), where in Sheri Vari explores her club universe… introspective, intense and cinematic, complete with acid arpeggios and and merciless beats. A track that borrows from the classic sound of Nu Groove, or the first outputs from Warp, as well as artists such as Unique 3, Virgo Four or Psyché (Carl Craig).

The first remix for “Falsa Fama” (Portland Dub) is done by TINK! Music’s in house team at Portland Sound Studios, it’s a broken breaky approach that evokes some classic atmospheric techno, interbreeding the ethereal electro of Juan Atkins with the loose and relaxed good vibes of Fila Brazillia, making up for a really musical and soothing piece of deep music.

Finally, “Falsa Fama” is also remixed by young prodigy Luís Montenegro, a talent from Oporto who plays both guitar as well as voice for Portuguese pop band Salto. Using his Lewis M. hat, Luís converts “Falsa Fama” around and turns it into an incredible example of modernity and futurism, bringing forth hot house beats, filled with chubby chords and bouncy bass, a composition filled with detail and surprises! Perfect for those who love the work of people such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Floating Points, Caribou, Kyle Hall, and many others.


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